NAK Blonde Shampoo 375ml

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Gently tones pale yellow gold or brassy reflects; detangles softens & restores condition. Vegan . Sulphate Free . Paraben Free TONE FACTOR: 4 Shampoo: A light toning cleanser designed to gently tone pale yellow gold or brassy reflects. Violet pigments create cool pale reflects in natural blonde pre-lightened blonde and grey hair. Conditioner: A rich blonde conditioner designed to detangle smooth and soften. Restores optimum condition and minimises cuticle damage in natural blonde pre-lightened blonde and grey hair. Benefits: Blonde Shampoo: eliminates unwanted yellow tones / imparts a pearlescent shine / balances moisture levels/ added proteins assist in repair – improving tensile strength. Blonde Conditioner: added proteins and sunscreens provide strength and protection / hydrates the hair moisturising and conditioning / balances all types of hair conditions / softens and smoothes the hairs surface layer / improves manageability. Blonde Shampoo: 375ml 1L Blonde Conditioner: 100ml 375ml 1 Litre

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