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Double Chester Shampoo Unit
Joiken Double Chester Shampoo Unit
Sale price$2,781.00
Re-stocking soon
Bristol Plus Shampoo Unit
Joiken Bristol Plus Shampoo Unit
Sale price$1,019.00
Re-stocking soon
Derby Shampoo Unit
Joiken Derby Shampoo Unit
Sale price$1,231.00
Re-stocking soon
Deep Backwash Shampoo Basin
Elasta Deep Backwash Shampoo Basin
Sale price$107.15
Re-stocking soon
Energy Shampoo Unit
Joiken Energy Shampoo Unit
Sale price$2,976.00
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Kent Shampoo Unit
Joiken Kent Shampoo Unit
Sale price$1,022.99
Re-stocking soon
Forma - Shampoo unit
Joiken Forma - Shampoo unit
Sale price$1,505.00
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Passion Relax Shiatsu Basin Unit
Joiken Passion Relax Shiatsu Basin Unit
Sale price$2,294.00
Re-stocking soon
Soho Shampoo Unit
Joiken Soho Shampoo Unit
Sale price$2,037.00
Re-stocking soon
Full Lie Down Salon Lounge
Elasta Full Lie Down Salon Lounge
Sale price$443.00
Re-stocking soon
Single Shampoo Wash Unit
Elasta Single Shampoo Wash Unit
Sale price$662.20
Re-stocking soon
Harmony Shampoo Unit
Joiken Harmony Shampoo Unit
Sale price$1,922.00
Re-stocking soon
Sophia Shampoo Basin & Chair Set
Elasta Sophia Shampoo Basin & Chair Set
Sale price$884.00
Re-stocking soon
Ceramic Shampoo Basin  (0325,013 OR 020)
Elasta Ceramic Shampoo Basin (0325,013 OR 020)
Sale price$204.00
Re-stocking soon
Bridget Shampoo Chair & Basin
Elasta Bridget Shampoo Chair & Basin
Sale price$1,041.70
Re-stocking soon
Anna Basin Set
Elasta Anna Basin Set
Sale price$833.00
Re-stocking soon
Dover Shampoo Unit
Joiken Dover Shampoo Unit
Sale price$889.00
Re-stocking soon
Deep Portable Basin
Joiken Deep Portable Basin
Sale price$129.28
Re-stocking soon
Chester Shampoo Unit (Single)
Joiken Chester Shampoo Unit (Single)
Sale price$1,391.01
Re-stocking soon
Sale price$1,736.00
Re-stocking soon
Andria Shampoo Unit
Elasta Andria Shampoo Unit
Sale price$1,196.00
Re-stocking soon
Desy Shampoo Unit
Elasta Desy Shampoo Unit
Sale price$974.00
Re-stocking soon
Emma Double Shampoo Chair & Basin
Elasta Emma Double Shampoo Chair & Basin
Sale price$1,736.00
Re-stocking soon
Embrace 1/2 Shampoo Lounge with Arms & Footrest - Black Upholstery

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