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Hydro 2 Oil - Relaxation 1L
Caronlab Wax Remover Citrus Clean Refill 1L
Caronlab Aquagel Sugaring Paste - Firm 600gm
Caronlab Braziliant Film Hard Wax Beads 5kg
GRIP Matte Slanted Tweezer Black GM1
Caronlab Washable Body Wrap 80x150cm
Caronlab Pro Cotton Rounds Pressed Edge 80pk
Caronlab Vinyl Bed Sheet 152x152 cm
Caronlab Spatula - Maxi 100pk
Caronlab Spatula - Brow Beaters 100pk
Caronlab Spatula Large (Tongue Depressors) 100pk
Caronlab Spatula - Small (Icy Pole) 100pk
Caronlab Quick Dry Wax Mist Refill 1L
Caronlab Pre-Wax Skin Cleanser Refill 1L
Caronlab Pure Olive Oil Strip Wax - Microwaveable 800ml
Caronlab Aquagel Sugaring Paste - Soft 600gm
Caronlab Brilliance Hard Wax Beads 5kg
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Caronlab Aquagel Water Soluble Strip Wax - End of line 1.1kg [DEL]
Caronlab Brilliance Strip Wax - Microwaveable 800ml
Caronlab After Waxing Oil - Tea Tree Refill 1L

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